Flower Bomb Planting Instructions

Hello Future Green Thumb!

Thank you so much for your purchase of a flower bomb from Miller & Boo Paper Company!  You are on your way to spreading some beauty and love - one seed at a time.

Wildflower Seed Bomb Instructions

*Planting instructions may vary by zone.  Be sure to find local information if you'd like to plant outside of these instructions.


Best time to plant:  Fall (for spring flowers) or Spring/Early Summer (for summer flowers)

Seed Bomb:  Throw and grow - that's all!

Planter:  Break apart seed bomb and scatter in planter.  Place approx. 1/8" of soil over seeds.  Water daily, but be sure not to over-water.

Yard or Garden:  Break apart seed bomb and scatter in an area that receives partial to full sunlight.   If you live in a very hot climate or are concerned about animals that may eat the seeds, you may want to place a thin layer of soil over the seeds.  Water daily until plants are established or you are experiencing drought conditions.


Flowers Included:

- California Poppy 

- Lacy Phacelia

- Bachelor Button

- Blue Flax

- Shirley Poppy

- Mexican Hat

- Plains Coreopsis

- Black-eyed Susan

- Lace-leaf Coreopsis

- Gloriosa Daisy

- Gaillardia

- Prairie Coneflower

- Rocky Mountain Beeplant

- Rocky Mountain Penstemon

- Sweet Alyssum

- Desert Bluebells

- African Daisy

- Liatris